A question I’m frequently asked is, “does my business really need a website”.

Lets look at some facts. Newspapers are beginning to drop like flies because of the economy and lack of advertising. Businesses are moving away from print advertising, (including phone book advertising), and moving more and more of their advertising online. Why? Because that is where people are looking for a particular product or service!

If someone wants to find your business these days, they are much more likely to check the web first. If they can’t find you, but find your competitor, then you likely lost the sale.

A website doesn’t need to be fancy and expensive…it needs to sell your product or service! If a web design company or individual approaches you and is more interested in telling you how cool they can make your site look, vs. how they can help your business compete on the web, I’d recommend you send them on their way!

Wouldn’t you much rather go to a website and find exactly what you’re looking for vs. having to wait on a page to load because there are so many graphics and flash introductions? I don’t know about you, but if I want to see cool graphics, I’ll just do a search for that on Google.

At HT Net Ventures, we first learn what your business is all about, then we craft a strategy to help you make sales. Because thats what it’s really all about, isn’t it?

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