Membership Management

If you’re a group leader, how are you communicating with & managing data on your members?

Your membership is the lifeblood of your organization.  Whether you’re a Church, civic organization, local car club, gardening club or any other group, keeping and managing the data for your members is critical.

Not only do you need contact information for a member, but it’s good store other data for them.  Do you track birthdays?  Are they a veteran? Are they married?  If so, what is their anniversary?  Do they have kids?

All this information is important and allows you to communicate very personally and intimately with each of your members.

With the right data, you can send them a card on their birthday.  You can thank them for their military service on Veteran’s Day,  You can wish them a Happy Anniversary as they celebrate their marriage.  Never underestimate the power of a personal connection like this!

Track who is helping at your events.  Understand who you can count on and who to thank.  Who are your biggest financial donors?  Who donates the least?

With good data for your members in a custom database, so much is possible!

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