What Can A Microsoft Access Database Do For Your Business?

Most business owners I talk to don’t realize what an Access database is or what it can do for their business.

  • Do you still “hand write” tickets or work orders?
  • Do you keep critical documentation such as your inventory in an Excel spreadsheet or Microsoft Word?
  • Where do you keep your customer file?  Do you have easy access to it?
  • Do you or does one of your employees spend hours each month, meticulously piecing together numbers for a report on your business or numbers to provide to your tax professional?

Getting your data into a database that is developed and customized specifically for your business is a thing of beauty!  Imagine having almost instant access to information about your customers or viewing reports that used to take you hours to create – now at your fingertips whenever you want to see them!  Wouldn’t it be great if you could send your best customers a special coupon or deal to boost your sales during the slow season?  “Oh wait…who are my best customers” you ask yourself?  With a customer database, you’ll never have to ask that question again!

“So What’s This Database Going to Cost?”

If you currently use the Microsoft Office suite of products, (MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word, etc), then Microsoft Access is probably on your system right now and you didn’t even know it!  If that’s the case, you’re good on that part.  (If you need help determining if you have Access already, contact me and I’ll be glad to help you.)

After that, all you would have are the development costs and that really depends on what you want to do with your data and how much time it takes to develop what you want.  One thing I will tell you is that after consulting with you on your needs, I can provide you with an estimate to build the system you’re looking for.  I will do my absolute best to stay at or under the estimate I provide.  I don’t bill for time I’m not actively working on your job so you know you are getting the most bang out of your buck.  A “one time” expense for a well designed database can save you hours or even days of frustration each month.  You have to ask yourself, “what is my employee’s time worth?  What is my time worth?”

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Here is a great article discussing a need for a good database for your business.



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