I just completed a database for a business that rents out their facility.  The database allows the business owners to capture information about each renter, details about their deposits and rent payments as well as specifics about the their event.

All of this is important data which was mostly being captured on paper.  But with the data now being saved in their new database, it allows the owner to quickly see reports on how well their business is doing and gives them a great tool for promoting and marketing for future rentals.

Benefits of this database:

  • Detailed information on renter including contact information
  • Receive reports on upcoming rentals
  • Detailed payment information, (deposit date paid and amount, rent payment due date, deposit return date and amount, check numbers & more)
  • Specific data on rental – What type of event was it? Was client a good renter or did they trash the facility & leave it in a mess. Would you rent to them again?
  • Monitor trends – what type of events are popular at different times of the year? When is their busiest time of the year? (Great tools for marketing and promotions!)

I always tell people that if they capture the data on the front end, (even if at the time it may seem insignificant), that data can be used later for a myriad of reports that will help their business in the future.

If you think your business could benefit from tracking data like this, please give me a call and lets discuss.  Many/most of the benefits listed above can apply to almost all businesses. I’m happy to look at your existing processes and help you find ways to save money & time while improving customer and employee satisfaction.  What have you got to lose?  Call me today for a FREE consultation!