How Office Automation Can Help Your Business

Often times, people just don’t realize how dependent they have become on their existing processes.  When I first visit with your business, I take time to learn what you’re currently doing and look for ways to improve a process.

Does your business still use a lot of paper forms?  Are your associates still manually filling out work orders, invoices, etc.?  Does your business rely on spreadsheets to track customers, inventories & more?

When I find opportunities, I can create a database using Microsoft Access to automate a series of steps or processes.  I can then build on that database to create a wide array of reports to help you see & analyze your business like you’ve never been able to before.

Work Order Woes

A new customer calls.  The person receiving the call fills out a paper form.  It’s handed off to a technician or the person that is going to do the work for the customer.  The service person works the job and fills out what they did.  The paper form is returned to the office admin where the parts and labor is priced

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Tapping Into Existing Customers

Your business has been tooling right along for years.  All those past clients and customers are strategically filed away in that filing cabinet in the corner – or better yet, in that massive, confusing spreadsheet your admin keeps up with.

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