Tapping Into Existing Customers

Your business has been tooling right along for years.  All those past clients and customers are strategically filed away in that filing cabinet in the corner – or better yet, in that massive, confusing spreadsheet your admin keeps up with.

Business has been a little down lately and you think to yourself, “it sure would be great if I could send my existing customers a coupon or a special offer to get them back in to buy something.  I mean, they HAVE purchased from us before and they like our service.  I’m sure we could generate a huge spike in sales if I could just get in touch with them.”

The problem is – your admin is going to either laugh at you or quit her job when you tell her she needs to go through all the customers in your that cabinet and send them your special offer.

Your customers need to be accessible!  You need them in a database where you have access to their information in seconds and not hours or days.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a list of all the customers you’ve worked with within a specific time frame, and you could send them a customized letter or email within minutes – not days?

These are the kinds of situations I can help you with.  It may take some work – all of those customers in that filing cabinet need to be loaded into a database – but it CAN be done and once it’s done, it’s SO much easier to stay in contact with those customers that helped you build the business you have today!

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