Work Orders – Does This Sound Familiar?

  • A new customer calls your business.
  • The person receiving the call fills out a paper form with customer information and job description.
  • It’s handed off to a technician or service person that is going to do the work for the customer.
  • The service person performs the work and fills out the form with times, parts used and description of work.
  • The paper form is returned to the office where an admin or someone prices the parts and labor.
  • The form is then reviewed by a supervisor for accuracy and returned to the admin when complete.
  • Admin or billing department then invoices customer.

There are a lot of steps to this process and each involve handing off a piece of paper and doing a lot of manual entry.  And then what do you have?  A piece of paper that is of virtually no use to you other than something you can file away and then dig up later if you ever had to refer back to it.

This is a great example of where I can help your business run so much more efficiently.  What if instead of pushing a bunch of paper around, your customer is entered into a database from the moment they call your business?  And then as the work order moves through the process, it’s updated and goes to the next step either automatically or with the push of a button.

But the exciting stuff doesn’t come along until later.  When you can generate almost “unlimited” reports!  What if you had a report that automatically showed up in your email at the end of the month, showing you how profitable your business was that month, or which service tech did the most calls, or how profitable each service tech was to your business that month?

What if with the click of a button, you could generate follow-up customer surveys that are emailed to each customer you serviced the past month or the past year?

Think about what something like this can do for your bottom line.  What can it do for associate satisfaction?  What can it do for customer satisfaction?  Can you afford “NOT” to have a system like this?

There is really no end to what you can do with a custom system I could create specifically for YOUR business.  Never worry about whether a software package you’re purchasing is going to do what you want it to do.  You simply tell me how you want your processes to work!

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